Year 6 Curriculum Overview



Autumn Term


In English, we will be recapping lots of writing techniques as well as developing our comprehension skills throughout the term. During our Guided Reading sessions, we will be reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS. Lewis, Eren by Simon P Clark and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling. We will be writing for different purposes through lots of different text types for example descriptions, diary entries, narratives, persuasive letters and speeches. Our Comprehension sessions will focus on retrieving information from the text through different question types such as find and copy.   


In Maths this term, we will be recapping and developing our knowledge of place value as well as working on our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods of calculation. We will be revisiting fractions and learning how to multiply and divide them. We will also look at using co-ordinates, reflection and translation.  


In Science, we will be learning all about our Living Things and their Habitats unit where we will consider how living things (including micro-organisms) are classified into groups based on similarities and differences.  After half term, we will complete our Light unit where we will learn that light travels in straight lines. We will look at how shadows are formed and test what happens to a shadow when an object is closer or further away from a light source.  


This term in Computing, we will be considering how the World Wide Web can be used to communicate and be searched to find information. We will also be designing and creating our own webpages, thinking carefully about how it looks, copyright and navigation paths. 


In Geography, we will be building on our previous locational knowledge around where we live in the world. We will be able to locate the Equator, the Hemispheres, the Tropics, the Arctic and Antarctic Circles as well as understand the significance of the lines of longitude, latitude and time zones. 


This term in History, we will be learning about the history of our local area. Chesterton used to be a big mining community and we have learnt lots of information about this at Crackley Bank over the last few years. We will continue our learning about our heritage by considering the question, “Where have all the miners gone?” where we will delve into the miners’ strike of 1984 and its impact on the local community.  


This term in PSHE, we will think about how we can keep healthy as we grow. We will consider our own health and well-being. We will revisit looking after ourselves, as well as thinking about growing up, becoming independent and taking more responsibility as a result.  


In Music, we will look at different ways of performing uplifting songs for example, with echoes, repetition and harmonies. We will develop a song-cycle performance. After half term, we will explore singing and using instruments to put together a performance focused around traditional and modern Christmas songs. 


This term in D&T, we will be revisiting and refining our sewing techniques by combining different fabric shapes using a pattern. We will be creating a Santa sack, ready for Christmas! 

Art and Design 

In Art this term, we will be developing our drawing skills. We will recap our drawing techniques for example, shading and hatching. We will also develop our use of perspective by using a single focal point and horizon line. 


In French, we will be recapping lots of vocabulary in order to form sentences. We will learn about leisure activities and how to tell the time. We will be talking about different French festivals and gifts that might be received at them. We will also learn numbers from 31-60 and we will learn to give and understand basic commands.   


In PE, we are going to be developing our gymnastics and dance skills by focusing on shape, balance and flow of movement. We will also be revisiting football and netball, working on our team work skills in order to develop tac tics when playing full games. 


In RE, we will consider the meaning of commitment and investigate religious ceremonies associated with this idea. After half term, we will explore the meaning of stories drawn from religious sources and reflect upon what these stories mean for believers.