Year 5 Curriculum Overview



Autumn Term


During the Autumn term in English we will be looking at diary entries and narratives for fiction writing and biographies and letters for non-fiction writing. We will be learning about the features of each genre and using our grammar sessions to apply our knowledge in our writing. We will also complete comprehension work on each genre to ensure we understand what they should look like. 


In maths we will be learning about place value which underpins all mathematical work. We will move onto addition and subtraction and the methods that are needed to calculate large numbers. We will also be learning about multiplication and division and how to add and subtract fractions. 


Our science unit is Earth and Space, we will look at the planets and the solar system and find out lots of interesting facts using our crucial knowledge. Our other unit is Forces, which will build on prior knowledge learnt in year 3. 


In history we will be learning about the Potteries Industry, we will learn about the impact of cheaper pottery being imported from other countries and how it had a drastic effect on Stoke-on-Trent. 


Our geography unit is naming and locating hills and mountains in the UK. This unit will include map work to locate certain mountains and facts about how high a hill has to be to be classed as a mountain. 


Our music unit is about the Solar System. This will focus on listening to music and embark on a musical journey 

through the solar system, exploring how our universe inspired composers including Claude Debussy, Gustav Holst 

and George Crumb. The children will learn a song, and compose pieces linked to space. 


During art we will be learning how to draw. This will include developing simple perspective in using a single focal point/horizon. Beginning to develop an awareness of composition, scale/ proportion. Using drawing techniques from a variety of sources including observation, photographs and digital images. 

Design and Technology 

Our Design and Technology unit is mechanical systems which will include making a moving toy, we will be learning about pulleys and gears. 

Modern Foreign Languages 

Our French unit will revise the ways we can describe people and giving characteristics using various adjectives. It will also touch upon different nationalities.  


In PSHE our first unit is what makes up a person’s identity which will focus on health, wellbeing, identity, personal attributes and qualities, similarities and differences, individuality and stereotypes. Our second unit is How can we help in an accident or emergency? This learning will focus on basic first aid, accidents and dealing with emergencies. 

Religious Education 

Our Sacred writings: Hinduism unit will explore a variety of forms of literature found in sacred books 

and investigate a range of religious teachings. Our next unit will be Peace. This will explore the symbolic 

use of a wide range of objects, sounds, visual images, actions and gestures and make suggestions as to the intended meaning they might have for believers. 

Physical Education 

In P.E. we will start our swimming journey which will focus on children being educated on water safety and how to swim. Our indoor P.E. sessions include Gymnastics and Dance, these sessions will focus on fundamental skills.  


Our computing unit will start with Computing and Networks. This will explore sharing Information and identifying 

and exploring how information is shared between digital systems. The next unit is Creating Media where we will learn about video editing, video editing planning and capturing and editing video to produce a short film.