Year 4 Curriculum Overview



Autumn Term 


In English this term we will be looking at diary writing and writing a fact based report. We will also explore poetry and narratives and how we can implement a range of skills within our writing, ensuring our grammar skills are embedded confidently across all our writing.  


In Maths this term we will be developing our understanding of place value, we will also look at formal methods to add and subtract. We apply our understanding to calculations of perimeter and we will also begin to broaden our application of formal methods within division and multiplication. 


In Science this term we will be investigating States of Matter, looking at particles within solids, liquids and gasses. We will also look at how electricity is generated and create our own circuits which will include the lighting of bulbs and also include switches.  


In computing this term we will be looking at the ways we use the internet. We will be recognising the internet as a network of networks including the WWW, and why we should evaluate online content. We will also use programmes to  carry out Photo editing  - Manipulating digital images, and reflecting on the impact of changes and whether the required purpose is fulfilled. 


In Geography this term we will be looking at coasts and rivers in and around the United Kingdom. We will recap major cities and we will use a range of medias to research including atlases and internet resources.  


In History this term we will be exploring affect mining had on the local area and the impact it has had upon how we live today. We will look at how the area has changed over time since the days of our locality being a very busy mining community. 


In PSHE this term we will be considering two specific questions. What strengths, skills and interests do we have? We will consider how to  build on our own Self-esteem and self-worth.  We will begin to look at personal qualities. We will also be goal setting  and thinking about how we can manage  set backs. Our second question will be ‘How can we manage risk in different places? ‘ and we will look at how to stay safe.  


In Music this term we will be looking at a range of musical areas which include: 

Poetry – Performance  

Develop performances of continuing poems. They use their voices to speak expressively and rhythmically, and discover ways to create ostinato accompaniments to enhance their performances.  

Environment – Composition 

Seasons and the environment provide the stimuli for compositions. The children make descriptive accompaniments and discover how the environment has inspired composers throughout history.  

We will also take part in seasonal singing as we approach the festive season in December. 

Design and Technology 

In D&T this term we will be investigating Mechanical Systems - Levers and linkages and using various methods to create a moving picture. 

Art and Design 

In Art this term we will be drawing .  

We will develop drawings featuring the third dimension and perspective.  We will be developing techniques to create intricate patterns using different grades of pencil and other implements/media to create lines, marks and develop tone.  

Physical Education 

In Physical Education this term we will be playing invasion games  which will include netball and football. We will also take part in dance and gymnastics.  

Modern Foreign Languages 

In French this term we will be continuing to recap our numbers 1-10 as well as colours. We will also be talking about pets and animals and as well as giving someone’s name and describing them.  

Religious Education 

In RE this term we will be looking at the topic of Environment. We will discuss and take part in Harvest  - Exploring religious stories and teachings about the environment and identify and reflect their impact on behaviour. We will also look at Landmarks in Life.  We will look at the important landmarks we may have already passed and how these may look in other religions too.